Custom Projection
Education Cart

A well-known and respected national audio-visual integration company came to Sound-Craft Systems (SCS) with an internationally known non-profit cancer foundation.  The foundation needed a custom cart to take on their road trips to educate large numbers of people about their mission and work.  The SCS design team worked closely with the integrator's sales lead and a key member from the foundation and created a cart that precisely met the needs of the non-profit for a cost that was well below the integrator's budget.

Custom Video
Conference Table

A large defense contractor hired a renowned consulting firm to design a high end video conference room for an executive.  The onsite construction team needed someone to construct the table that was specified by the consultant.  They came to Sound-Craft Systems (SCS) with the consultants detailed design and drawings.  The table was very intricate, but the SCS design team was able to take the consultant's drawings and specifications and create their own drawings and plan that was approved by the onsite construction team.  In the end SCS won the job and built an outstandingly beautiful table that should last an extremely long time.

The Mustang

Sound-Craft Systems (SCS) worked closely with a major private university to design and create a custom lectern to be used in their arts & sciences college.  The director of audio visual showed SCS their current lectern and verbally listed what features he would like to see in their new lectern design.  The design team at SCS took his specifications and created a two dimensional drawing in AutoCAD and incorporated all of his details.  The director approved the 2-D drawing.  Then to confirm the design, SCS created a three dimensional rendering of the lectern.  The director was thrilled with the design and requested that an initial unit be built.


On several projects Sound-Craft has been instrumental in our success with our clients. Most recently, Sound-Craft has produced several lecterns for Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. Sound-Craft lecterns have been a valued partner in this endeavor by producing lecterns to meet our client's specific requirements. The build quality and on time delivery of the lecterns has assisted greatly in keeping the project on schedule. Additionally, no lectern from Sound-Craft has ever arrived at the job site, on this project or any other, with shipping damage. This greatly enhances workflow. Sound-Craft is very familiar with the needs of audiovisual integration companies like Summit Systems. and they are a valued part of our business success.

- Mark Bradford, CTS Summit Systems | Alpharetta, GA