The “U” TableTables


The “U” Table is the creation of one of our dealers and partners in Memphis.  It is a vital part of their in house demo center and meeting room.  It is a great and versatile design constructed with natural Maple veneer and legs from Mockett.


The "U" Table can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. We just have to figure out how to cut it on a 5' x 10' router and ship it on a truck.

custom options
  • Casters, Locking 3" (LRC)
  • Drawer, Pullout Storage (PSD)
  • Duct, Wiring (WD)
  • Height Adjustment (HA)
  • Inlay Laminate Top (ILT)
  • Logo, 6" x 18" Gold Aluminum (LOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Acrylic (ALOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Wood (WLOGO)
  • Monitor Mount, Adjustable Extension Arm (EAMNT)
  • Outlet, Cable Port (CPO)
  • Outlet, Duplex (DPLX)
  • Panel, Connectivity, Specify (CP2)
  • Tray, Keyboard (KT)
  • Trim, Bullnose Wood Edge (BNE)
  • Trim, Chamfered Edge (CE)
  • Trim, Standard Edge (SE)
  • Upcharge, Custom Stain (CSU)
  • Wedge Module (CWSP1)
  • Well, Cable Storage with Lid (CCB)
  • Well, Monitor (MW)