The RoamerCustom Designs


The Roamer was created when a systems integrator said “I really like the XYZ unit by competitor ABC, but…”.  We get this a lot and don’t mind it a bit.  We are here to please our customers, not to worry about being original.  When you find something that is close, but not exactly what you or your client need, please contact Sound-Craft.  We will be happy to make it just the way you like it.  That is the main reason we still handcraft most our units from wood products.  Wood allows us to be extremely flexible.

The Roamer is very versatile.  It has ample rack space, generous ventilation, adjustable storage shelves, a keyboard tray, a large fixed storage shelf area, Euro-Hinged doors, a wedge on the work surface, and heavy duty casters for easy mobility.  And best of all, it has a beautiful wood veneer finish that stands out with its high gloss shine.  It is a one of a kind!



custom options
  • 10 Space Rack Mount
  • 13 Space Rack Box
  • 13 Space Rack Mount
  • 15 Space Rack Mount
  • 16 Space Rack Mount
  • 18" LittLite with Dimmer
  • 2-Gang Panel with Duplex, 3.5 Stereo
  • 220 Vac, 50/60 HZ Power Supply
  • 3" Casters
  • 8 Outlet Power Strip
  • Acrylic Doors with Locks
  • Adjustable Extension Arm Monitor Mount
  • Adjustable LCD Monitor Mount
  • Black Lock
  • Cable Port Outlet
  • Combination Lock
  • Connectivity Panel
  • Cooling Fan
  • Custom Cutouts
  • Custom Stain Upcharge
  • Pocket Pivot Doors with Lock