The MustangCustom Designs


The Mustang is a custom creation that was designed and handcrafted by Sound-Craft for a prestigious university in Texas. It all began with a visit from Ed Love, President of Sound-Craft, and ended with a beautiful lectern that replaced at least three exiting units and provided the functionality that was required.

This institution is on the cutting edge and The Mustang enables it to stay right there and look good at the same time. It was designed to accommodate their existing equipment racks as well as optionally modified to include rack rails for rooms that don’t have an existing system. For easy access, it has pocket pivot doors on the presenter’s side and a euro hinged door on the audience’s side so that presenters as well as technicians can easily access the equipment. It was designed to hold a versatile monitor arm on either side. To make switching the monitor from side to side easier, it comes with a cable trough that allows the cables to go from one side to the other without any re-wiring. To keep pens and other items from falling in the trough, there is a stiff brush lining it in its entirety. It’s very mobile and has standard three inch heavy duty casters. It was designed with a keyboard drawer and a custom shelf for a computer and telephone.

So far it has been made in a Mahogany Impressions low pressure laminate finish and a Natural Maple wood veneer finish. Additionally, it can come in an array of high pressure laminate finishes as well as many additional colors of low pressure laminate and wood veneer.


custom options
  • 10 Space Rack Mount
  • 2-Gang Panel with Duplex, 3.5 Stereo
  • 3" Casters
  • Acrylic Doors with Locks
  • Acrylic User Manual Holder
  • Adjustable Extension Arm Monitor Mount
  • Adjustable LCD Monitor Mount
  • Adjustable Shelf
  • Black Lock
  • Cable Port Outlet
  • Cable Storage Well with LID
  • Combination Lock
  • Connectivity Panel
  • Cooling Fan
  • Custom Cutouts
  • Custom Stain Upcharge
  • Digital Clock and Timer
  • Euro-hinged Doors with Lock
  • Folding Document Camera Shelf
  • Folding Laptop Shelf
  • Gooseneck Microphone Arm
  • Gooseneck Microphone Arm with Microphone
  • Keyboard Drawer with Lock
  • Laser Etched Wood Logo
  • Locking 3" Casters
  • Microphone Mount
  • Microphone Mount Cutout Charge
  • Pocket Pivot Doors with Lock
  • Pullout Storage Drawer
  • Reading Light
  • Satin Brass Logo With Black Lettering
  • Shelf Only
  • Stereo Amplifier
  • Task Light
  • Thermostat for Cooling Fan
  • Wedge Module
  • Wiring Duct