The Classic™Lecterns


Back to basics with a simple rectilinear design that lends itself to a variety of applications. Available in 27″ or 36″ widths, all models are 24″ deep to accommodate an optional slide-in rack box with up to 13 rack units of available space. A full width shelf provides convenient, at-hand storage for presentation accessories. Matching existing décor is simple, with a broad range of wood veneer, plastic laminate, and carpeted finishes from which to choose. All work surfaces are covered in Nevamar ARP laminate for the most durable, scratch-resistant finish available.



SC27 Model
Height: 47"
Depth: 24"
Width: 27"

SC36 Model
Height: 37"
Depth: 24"
Width: 36"

SC27 Model: 25.5"W x 23"D
SC36 Model: 34.5"W x 23"D

SC27 Model: 90 Pounds
SC36 Model: 135 Pounds

custom options
  • Clock/Timer, Digital (TMR)
  • Cover (COV)
  • Cutout, Custom (CCO)
  • Doors, Acrylic with Lock (PLDR)
  • Doors, Euro-hinged with Lock (EHD)
  • Duct, Wiring (WD)
  • Fan, Cooling (CF)
  • Light, Task with Dimmer (LL18)
  • Logo, 6" x 18" Gold Aluminum (LOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Acrylic (ALOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Wood (WLOGO)
  • Microphone Mount, Gooseneck (GS)
  • Microphone, Handheld, Wireless (EWTUH)
  • Microphone, with Shock Mount (GSM)
  • Outlet, Cable Port (CPO)
  • Outlet, Duplex (DPLX)
  • Panel, Connectivity, Specify (CP2)
  • Power Strip, 8 Outlet (PS8)
  • Rack Box, 13 Space (RKB13)
  • Shelf Only (SHLFA)
  • Shelf, Adjustable with Standards (SHLF)
  • Shelf, Document Camera, Folding (FDCS)
  • Shelf, Laptop, Folding (LPTFDS)