The Advisor™Lecterns


Our new Advisor exemplifies this philosophy in introducing a value-priced line that incorporates designs featuring precision-cut, pre-finished low-pressure laminate panels assembled with dado joinery to create quality product at a most affordable price point. If your needs dictate a more traditional lectern, look no further than our Advisor model, available in both 27” and 36” widths. A fixed shelf provides both convenient and ample storage for presentation materials, while four casters allow for easy mobility. A built-in sound system, task lighting, and locking doors are only a few of the many choices to select from to tailor The Advisor to meet your requirements. Choose from Fusion Maple, Wild Apple, Serene Cherry, and Graphite Nebula LP laminates.



ML27 Model
Height: 47.75"
Depth: 24"
Width: 27"

ML36 Model
Height: 47.75"
Depth: 24"
Width: 36"

ML27 Model: 25.25"W x 23.03"D
ML36 Model: 34.25"W x 23.03"D

ML27 Model: 150 Pounds
ML36 Model: 175 Pounds

custom options
  • Amplifier, Stereo (PSM)
  • Casters, Locking 3" (LRC)
  • Clock/Timer, Digital (TMR)
  • Cover (COV)
  • Cover, Security, Work Surface (SCOV)
  • Cutout, Custom (CCO)
  • Doors, Euro-hinged with Lock (EHD)
  • Drawer, Keyboard with Lock (KD)
  • Drawer, Pullout Storage (PSD)
  • Duct, Wiring (WD)
  • Fan, Cooling (CF)
  • Height Adjustment (HA)
  • Light, Task with Dimmer (LL18)
  • Logo, 6" x 18" Gold Aluminum (LOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Acrylic (ALOGO)
  • Logo, Color Etched Wood (WLOGO)
  • Microphone Mount, Gooseneck (GS)
  • Microphone, Handheld, Wired (MK20)
  • Microphone, Handheld, Wireless (EWTUH)
  • Microphone, Lavalier, Wireless (EWTUL)
  • Microphone, with Shock Mount (GSM)
  • Monitor Mount, Adjustable Extension Arm (EAMNT)
  • Monitor Mount, Adjustable LCD (LCDMNT)
  • Monitor Mount, Swivel (SVM)
  • Outlet, Cable Port (CPO)
  • Outlet, Duplex (DPLX)
  • Panel, Connectivity, Specify (CP2)
  • Power Strip, 8 Outlet (PS8)
  • Shelf Only (SHLFA)
  • Shelf, Adjustable with Standards (SHLF)
  • Shelf, Document Camera, Folding (FDCS)
  • Shelf, Folding with Wooden Brace (WSFDS)
  • Shelf, Laptop, Folding (LPTFDS)
  • Sound System, The Club (PC)
  • Thermostat for Cooling Fan (THRM)
  • Tray, Keyboard (KT)
  • Well, Cable Storage with Lid (CCB)
  • Work Surface, Combination Flat/Sloped (CWS)