Structure Ideation & Design

Ideas and designs for presentation furniture can start anywhere - napkin, margin of a newspaper or picture of something similar. It doesn't matter to us. The rule we use is if it can be imagined, drawn in AutoCAD, cut on a CNC router, assembled by skilled craftsmen and shipped by motor freight, we can make it into a beautiful piece of furniture.

Our Process

Once we understand the concept of your idea, we create a two-dimensional drawing in AutoCAD. From here, you'll have a visual to confirm that we're on the right track.

If more clarification is needed, a three dimensional rendering can be created. With today's technology, renderings look just like pictures. They allow you to see all sides of the proposed product.

It's time to cut the material and start building! Each custom piece gets its own drawing, is cut on a router and is assembled by our skilled craftsmen.

Fabrication & Production

When handcrafting the world's best presentation furniture, we combine the cleverest designs, the best materials, and the finest craftsmen. These three important aspects of Sound-Craft Systems create rock solid furniture that lasts forever and looks beautiful.

Everything starts with a CAD drawing in AutoCAD. This allows us to guarantee that all of the pieces are the exact dimensions to go to together near perfectly. Next our CNC router uses the precise bits to cut each piece to the tightest of tolerances. Then our skilled craftsmen put all of their years of experience to use to handcraft the piece with exceptional care and precision.

They don't just put pieces together. They examine each joint and utilize the best technique for each one. On most joints, we use glue, pocket bores, and furniture screws. On joints that require extra care, we install lock miter joints with carpentry and glue. No one makes furniture tougher than Sound-Craft Systems (SCS).

Solid wood or wood veneer products go to the paint booth to be stained or painted. This is where SCS sets ourself apart from the competition. We have the best finishing team in the industry. From color matching to expert finishing, we are second to none.

The last step in creating a SCS product is adding all of the hardware, shelves, drawers, wheels, and options to the finished cabinet. This is done in final assembly by a team of trained experts that have the right parts, the required tools, and the experience required to put everything together in a way that makes it very functional and easy to use.

No tugging and jerking required. Our drawers open and close smoothly. Our wheels role quietly. Our doors close easily and lock neatly.

Restoration & Maintenance

Depending on the product and its condition, we will be happy to restore it and/or repair it provided the customer covers the to and from shipping charges. We will restore and/or repair the experienced piece of furniture on a time and materials basis.

Lecternettes are easy to throw in a box and ship back to us for a little rejuvenation. The size and weight of the larger pieces make them a bit more difficult to justify. However, we are willing to give it a try if you are. Often times, it’s less expensive to restore it than to purchase a new one.